The power of passion

In the past year I’ve been blown away by first-hand interaction with what I think is one of the most powerful of human emotions: passion (many would argue that it’s merely a derivative of the strongest human emotion: love). First it was watching members of the Kiva community rise up from their computers and become evangelists for the organization and its cause (stay tuned for an depth post on that). Now, I’m in awe as I watch the South Asian community come together to save the lives of their brothers Vinay and Sameer. I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of what Vinay’s closest family and friends call Team Vinay, and watching it come together and grow and make a real impact in driving registrations and awareness has been inspiring. What’s more remarkable, over the last few weeks people who’ve never met Vinay, Sameer, or any of their friends and family have been sponsoring drives, mailing registration kits, and otherwise been not only getting registered but crusading to get their communities registered. It’s. Just. Beautiful.

What’s also been interesting to watch is how each person is playing their part in these efforts. Vinay and Sameer may have a medical condition, but it will be the efforts of a lawyer who’s running the campaign that will deserve a lot of credit when matches are found. And the efforts of a programmer who maintains the website. And the photograper who’s put Vinay’s face on banners and post cards. And the actress who helped raise awareness. And. And. And again, it’s. Just. Beautiful.

Some pictures of Sameer, followed by a picture of Vinay with his wife:


  1. Britany Jul 17

    It’s amazing to see what people will do for each other. Even perfect strangers will help someone out if their story inspires them.

    Humans are good, but I think it’s easy to forget sometimes.

  2. Sameer Jul 18

    Ahuja – you the man. i wish i was eloquent enough to write everything i feel about this topic….the love IS simply overwhelming.

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