Message from Vinay (still no match, but some great news)

Just got this email from Vinay & Rashmi c/o Priti…wanted to share:

We’ve heard that people who registered to become bone marrow donors have found matches through the HelpVinay Drives we started in June! What amazing news! To hear that someone else’s life may be impacted through these efforts has brought us indescribable joy in these difficult times.

So we’re writing to ask you: please make one more push: get 10 new people to register. Find a way to become part of the August 15 Freedom Drives or the August-October College Drives! Visit Please join us in this magical moment when we have the POWER as a community to save more lives.

One other thing – we also heard that there may be some donors who registered at HelpVinay drives who may be “unavailable”. That was really difficult to hear – it saddened us to hear that even people who registered this summer may not want to donate, even though they are the ONE person who can save a life. This showed us it is still important to keep advocating, keep educating, and yes, even keep reaching out to people who already registered.

Will you help us? If we as a community have already been able to find that MATCH for some patients, we’ve GOT to keep going. Do something, today.

We’ll keep you posted on my transplant, promise. Won’t be long before we know something now.

Lots of love,
Vinay & Rashmi

Update: I’ve been thinking more about this, and realized this isn’t just good news, it’s *great* news. Everyone who registered, who held drives, who forwarded emails — everyone should feel great about the fact that our efforts are *already saving lives*. Simply wonderful.

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